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Shana's Favorite Things

For those of you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing
Shana, here are Shana's top 40 favorite things in random order

Camp Kinder Ring     Italy
flavored iced coffee    


String Cheese     Fitting into her jeans
Orbit Gum     Broadway Plays
Burberry Perfume     Little Chinese babies
Sunbathing at Robert Moses     Romantic Movies
University of Wisconsin     Her Birkenstocks
Her Birthday     Dave Matthews Band
Lucky after being groomed
  (her Miniature Schnauzer)
    Weighing less
   than the day before
Scrapbooking     Snow Days
TCBY     Taking Photos
    Being With Jared after a long
Sign Language     Having her teeth cleaned
Chanukah     The Statesider dorm
Sleeping Late     Picture Frames
Eggs     Daddy's dumb jokes
National Jeans     Manicures & Pedicures
A PERFECT hair day     Shopping for toiletries for camp
Magazine     Miniature Golf
Salad Pizza     Sunglasses

And last but not least, her Family!